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SBA takes aim at big firms on contractor list

The Small Business Administration has unveiled its latest effort to get serious about being small. The SBA began sending letters last week to as many as 1,000 prime contractors asking them to identify by Sept. 30 any small-business contracts they or their subsidiaries and divisions hold. Federal agencies then could no longer count those contracts toward their goals of awarding 23% of their contract dollars to small businesses. With the information from the large contractors, and new rules that went into effect June 30 that require more frequent checks on the size of small-business contractors, the SBA said last week that it was on track to scrub nearly all large firms from the small-business contractor rolls within a year.<< MORE >>

Kickbacks on Federal IT contracts widespread, involved millions, DOJ charges

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Small Business Report article in L.A. Times

Regarding an article today in the L.A.Times' Small Business Report, "Tightened rules aim to protect small-business federal contracts"  (click: L.A. Times. Note - you will need to register or login to view article, or use

I think the SBA should be applauded and it is a victory for "real" small, independant business not aligned or affiliated with one big business or setup as a puppet/pass through company for big business.  I think it promotes honest and ethical business to VAR's (value added reseller) and spreads the opporunities more evenly and challenges "real" small business to step up to the plate and do a good job!

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Divine featured in NYC Times Square

U. S. GSA Contractor Divine Imaging donates to Veteran’s Hospital

Pictured:  The Divine Team’s Kimberly Devane, Gina Goricsan, Dennis Figueroa, Candyce Jenkins, Michelle Young, K. Vasavi Sivakumar, Xenia Almendarez, Krystina Rossfeld and the VA’s Marianne Davis
United States General Services Administration GSA certified contractor Divine Imaging Commodities visited neighboring West Los Angeles Veteran’s Hospital to present a $1000.00 check to the VA’s Public Affairs Officer, Marianne Davis.

“The Divine Team had been reading and hearing the disturbing news that our wounded and returning Vets were being subjected to less than tolerable care and conditions within the VA hospital system due to under funding,” stated Divine Imaging Head Kimberly Devane.
 “As a small, woman owned company and GSA vendor to the military,” Devane continued, “we wanted to make a heartfelt contribution to our men and women in uniform and give back to the very community that sustains Divine Imaging.”  The Divine Team hopes to call attention to the crisis and pave the way for much needed private sector donations and support.”
“All of us at Divine Imaging send along our deep appreciation and warm thoughts to our dedicated service men and women and wish them a safe return and speedy recovery,” concluded Devane.
God Bless America and our Soldiers.
Interested parties may mail their contributions to:
Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Bldg. 258, Room 124
11301 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90073

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